Stratford Hills families meet with President Obama

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - President Barack Obama is back in Washington after visiting with some Richmond families.

The President spent about an hour at the Southampton Recreation Association with families who live in Richmond's Stratford Hills neighborhood.

One couple got to meet one-on-one with President Obama.

Matt and Stephanie Perry say an acquaintance in the mayor's office got the ball rolling for them to be selected by the white house for their private meeting.

But they weren't the only ones who captured President Obama's attention.

A warm welcome for the president.

The Commander In Chief made a B-line toward Virginia Shelton.

A touching embrace captured on my cell phone camera.

At 105 years old, Shelton never thought she'd see this day.

"I said see Obama Obama Obama Obama, so I am here to see Obama," said Shelton.

Shelton said the Ashland mayor, a town police officer and her granddaughter surprised her with the news just hours earlier.

Shelton, who recently celebrated her birthday, says she couldn't have asked for a better gift.

"I said I want to see him to let him know I voted for him," said Shelton.

Matt and Stephanie Perry met privately with the president before his hour-long discussion with about 40 of their neighbors.

"He's surprisingly pretty normal and calm," said Stephanie Perry.

They talked about what the couple did for a living.

Matt co-owns Riverside Outfitters and Stephanie is a 6th grade teacher at Albert Hill Middle School.

"Seemed excited that I was a math and science teacher cause I guess that's his big new initiative now pushing those two," said Stephanie Perry.

"I had a concern or an observation and it was mainly about the divisiveness and coming together or us versus them. That second half of the conversation was so motivational for me it was great," said Matt Perry.

The couple's oldest child also motivated.

"Just hearing him talk inspired me to just do something you know become involved," said 13 year old Matthew Perry.

Amy Turner also got a coveted invitation to the intimate affair and left satisfied with what she heard.

"I just feel like he's working I feel like he's trying I feel like he's listening," said Turner.

An opinion shared by Shelton.

"To me I think he's doing fine," said Shelton.

Before President Obama left the room, I overheard him telling the Perrys he'd like to return someday to Richmond and visit their business for some whitewater rafting.

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