Sleepy suspects arrested for vandalism

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- Crooks smash the windows of several church buses and cars but apparently didn't get enough sleep beforehand. The suspects were actually found asleep at the crime scene.

This happened at The Life Church on Harrowgate Road in Chesterfield. The crooks were seen on surveillance video coming on to the church's property after midnight, so that explains why they might have been a bit tired. The next morning, a church member found them fast asleep in their getaway car.

Members saw broken glass when they arrived at the church early Wednesday morning. Someone had vandalized the church's property.

"You can hardly believe that someone would do that to begin," said The Life Church pastor, Paul Furrow. "It's sad to be because these young men are doing things that are destructive to their own lives."

Ronald Gregory Jr., 22, Robert Milliner, 20, and Steven Hilton, 24, were arrested in connection with the crime. Surveillance cameras outside the church captured the vandals in action.

The pastor tells us the crooks broke into several buses and cars in this parking lot looking for jumper cables after their car battery died. Officers found the suspects asleep in their car and were able to make the arrest.

"Your sins will find you out and when you do stupid things you pay a price for that," said Furrow.

"We're relieved," said church member, Robert Franco. "You're never happy when someone has trouble but you're relieved when the anxiety has dissipated because whoever perpetrated the action has been caught."

And even though their cars and buses were damaged, church leaders have no hard feelings toward the people responsible.

When asked if he forgives them, Franco said, "Absolutely. We just hope that they make good choices in the future and we just pray for their families. We know that they are going through a time of anxiety right now."

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