Stratford Hills neighborhood excited about President Obama visit

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Excitement is brewing in one south Richmond neighborhood where tomorrow President Obama will visit to talk about the economy.

The Southampton Recreation Association in Stratford Hills will be the backdrop for the president's campaign stop.

People in the neighborhood say they're excited President Obama is coming.

Although some are a little put off they may not to get to see much with about a dozen busses in the way.

Stratford Hills is about to make national headlines with talk about circling black hawk helicopters and a secret service sweep.

"Lots of excitement the neighborhood's been abuzz," said longtime resident Cary Wing.

On the eve of President Obama's visit, the Southampton Recreation Association got a mini-makeover.

About a dozen GRTC busses are parked out front.

But what is a protection barrier for President Obama, isn't sitting well with one neighbor across the street.

 "Look at all busses you see all these busses it's to block out the middle America he's supposed to be talking about," said Dinkus Deane, who lives nearby.

President Obama will talk to families about the state of the economy and how to jumpstart job creation.

"To be quite honest we're represented by Eric Cantor this doesn't seem to be the place he would show up to do a backyard talk," said Deane.

"I think this neighborhood would represent the status quo," said Deane's neighbor, Balfour Via.

But the discussion isn't open to everyone.

"I would have loved to have been invited and I did try today I tried to email the white house," said Wing.

Wing has something to say to the president.

At 63 years old, she just lost her job of ten years in the health and fitness industry.

"In those terms of being an older woman and near the retirement age and being told your too old or overly qualified for a job I think it's a challenge right now," said Wing.

Deane says invited or not, he'll try to snap a picture as a family keepsake.

 "I may not be a fan but I'm still excited there's a lot of excitement my son gets to see the president drive by that's pretty cool," said Deane.

I did speak with two people who have invitations to the discussion, but both declined interviews.

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