Friend passes on $300 to aid worker

By Sabrina Squire - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This week we're giving $300 to a person described as "the best of the best, a tireless giver."  Most days she's a busy professional at a high powered downtown law firm, but when disaster strikes hundreds of miles away she's raring to go. Just one reason a friend nominated her for our Acts of Kindness.

"To me she's like an angel," said Karen Browder. "Into children, she's into helping people, it's just one thing after another and she never thinks about herself."

"I have been watching the Acts of Kindness quite a while," Browder said. "I had this overwhelming urge to call and nominate her."

Browder says her good friend Kim is goodwill ambassador and dedicated disaster aid worker.

"She took time off from work and her church group went down to New Orleans. They've been down there several times. She cooks for all the workers that build houses, three meals a day and you're talking a minimum of a hundred people," Browder said.

Now Karen has 300 reasons to pass it on.

"I have 100, 200, 300 dollars for your kindhearted friend Kim," Sabrina said. "Thank you so much. I can't wait to meet her. Well let's go meet her."

We make our way into Riverfront Towers.   Our producer Matt called ahead to clear things with Kim's boss.  We're meeting him in the Hunton and Williams penthouse. So we head up to the 20th floor.

Just as soon as we step off the elevator we run into some co-workers of Kim's. They're part of her fan club too. "Everybody loves Kim."

Then Kim's boss appears to corroborates that testimony.

"You got the best of the best today, it doesn't get any better," her boss said.

We even met Kim's high school sweetheart, her husband wanted to be here. "I'm tickled pink," he said.

Now, we just need Kim.

She's instructed to come to a meeting. With notepad in hand, she makes a B line for the conference room and then sees her friend.

"Karen? Why is Karen here? What's going on?," she said.

"I know you too, I'm Sabrina Squire, this is Matt," I said. "Hi Matt, put the camera away and I'll speak to you," Karen said.

Actually we'll let Karen do the talking.

"I contacted Channel 12 and they have decided to help me in recognizing you for all the good things that you do," Karen said.

Karen calls her disaster aid work a labor of love.

"I love to cook and I loved my group and I asked what I could do to help and they said we need a cook and I said I can do that," Kim said. "I cooked hard for seven days and we ate well and we had a good time."

What do you want people to take away from your story? "Do something, just do something, you know, don't wait, don't say I'm too young, too old, too poor, too untalented, just do it," Kim said.

She's not quite sure what she'll do with the money. "There's a lot of needs out there."

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