About 100 animals found inside trailer

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BEDFORD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A horrible case of animal hoarding, right here in Virginia. Dozens of dogs and cats were found living in dangerous conditions in a double-wide trailer in Bedford County.

Rescue workers in Bedford County are calling it the worst case of animal hoarding they've ever seen.

The Sheriff's Office says about a hundred dogs and cats were found in the trailer. Conditions were so bad, animal control officers had to wait for fire and rescue workers to give them the okay to go inside.

Reports from that area say neighbors could hear loud barking from inside the home.  Those same neighbors told local reporters that the man living inside rarely left the home, and when he would leave he would triple lock his trailer. A number of citizen complaints sent authorities to the home.

The man who owns the animals will have a civil hearing next week. He has not been charged with a crime yet, but criminal charges for animal cruelty could be filed in this case once the investigation is complete.

Authorities on the scene say it was a sad sight. One Sheriff's employee was quoted saying that when they were moving mattresses, sometimes up to 12 cats would run out from under the box spring.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that nearly 250,000 animals are victims of animal hoarding each year.

Hoarding is a psychological disorder, and animal hoarders tend to believe that they are helping, and even saving the animals.

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