Rap group can't play at Longwood Oktoberfest

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
FARMVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Cries of racism at a local university.

That's after Longwood students booked the Oscar winning rap group, Three 6 Mafia for its Oktoberfest this Saturday, but then had to rescind the invitation.

An email from the Longwood Mortar Board went out to students.

Some are bothered by the part that reads, quote "we feel the crowd the group might attract will pose significant safety risks."

While some students say the decision has slight racial overtones, both the Longwood police chief and concert organizer deny that.

They tell me they're concerned about gangs after a rash of robberies with gang ties on and off campus.

They won an Oscar for a song four years ago.

But Longwood students won't see Three 6 Mafia perform it live this Saturday.

"I'm just disappointed that they're not coming that's a group that I like," said Tiffany Cleaton.

After paying the rap group $15,000, the student's organizing Oktoberfest pulled the plug on the concert headliner.

An email about the cancellation isn't sitting well with some students.

One posting on Longwood's Facebook page pointed to racism.

"It's kind of ridiculous the comment in the email attract the wrong crowd," said Alisha Royal, a Longwood Sophomore.

"Like it would attract the wrong people and stuff like that what kind of people," said Longwood freshman, Samiuah Garnes.

But organizer Jennifer Maynard says that's not the case.

"We started having a lot of incidents on campus and off campus and because of that we thought it would be irresponsible to bring a group that would attract a following," said Maynard, Mortar Board President.

A gang following, says Longwood University's Police Chief.

"Where they play they have a tendancy to draw large numbers of gang members," said Chief Bob Beach.

Chief Beach says it's not what Farmville or Longwood needs when the town is dealing with at least four robberies with gang ties. Three students were victims.

"It has all to do with resource availability and trying to make sure the people in the community and university have a safe community after as well as while it's going on."

Three 6 Mafia member, DJ Paul, issued this statement: "I hate it that the kids don't get a chance to enjoy the concert because we've never played there before and we were excited to go.  But if the school feels it's not going to be safe for the students, we respect their decision and have to go with what they think is best."

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