Witness takes bullet for friend being robbed by gunman

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- A Richmond man is on crutches tonight and thankful to be alive after getting shot during a robbery! But he wasn't the one getting robbed -- he jumped in to "stop" the crime! The good samaritan is telling us about those frightening moments on Cecil Road, that's right behind the Virginia Union University campus.

"I tried to make a break for it and that's when he shot me," said the victim.

He is afraid to show his face on TV after being shot early Saturday morning. Today he can only stand with the help of crutches after heading home from the hospital to his Richmond neighborhood behind the VUU campus.

The suspect came from a clearing over and tried to rob a man in his car right here. That's when another victim across the street tried to make a lot of noise in his car and ended up getting shot by the suspect in the leg.

"I would have did it for anybody. It could have been my child. It could have been my daughter. It could have been you. It could have been him. It wouldn't have made no difference that day," said the victim." "You thought about somebody getting killed right in front of you."

"To me it's a little surprising but I'm out here every night walking the dogs," said neighbor, George Kraut. "I walk anywhere from 11 to midnight walking around."

Kraut has lived in this neighborhood for a few years now and was shocked to hear about the robbery. A few doors down though we found neighbors who felt quite the opposite.

"This is only the second time so it's kind of like I'm used to all of it now but it's terrible," said neighbor, Adia Staton. "No I don't get used to it but it's expected."

Expected or not, the victim in this incident is aware that the suspect is still out there and wants his neighbors to be on the lookout. Again, the robber got away but the victim tells us he's working with police to help them find him.

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