Bon Air mail carrier found guilty of obstruction of mail

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Five months after mail washed up in a Chesterfield creek a postal worker is found guilty of the crime.

A guilty verdict for the man accused of dumping mail in a Bon Air creek in April.  Monday a federal judge convicted 20-year-old Timothy Myrick of obstruction of mail.  We also learned this isn't the first time the part-time postal worker failed to deliver.

Two Bon Air homeowners were in the federal courtroom when the judge announced that Timothy Myrick was guilty of dumping their mail in a Bon Air creek. All they wanted was an apology but Myrick offered no comment.

Ritchie Johnson made the shocking discovery in April -- his mail, along with several others, was soaking in a Bon Air creek.

"I'm glad to see it's finally over and that there's some resolution," said Ritchie Johnson.  "Maybe some of the mail will finally get delivered."

Both he and neighbor Carole Messenger testified in Monday's federal trial.

"I"m very concerned," explained Carole Messenger.  "It shows that he is not a responsible person or does not appear to be a responsible person."

One dozen people, including Myrick, testified in the case.

According to evidence the mail was dumped in the creek on April 7, the day Timothy Myrick was filling in for the regular postal carrier. And while he never admitted to dumping the mail in this creek he did admit to not delivering four buckets of mail the next day on April 8.

He was reprimanded for the April 8 incident and told he would lose his job if he did it again.  No one knew mail was dumped in the creek until two weeks later.

"I'm very sorry that the whole family had to go through this, that he did not step up to the plate and accept his responsibility for his actions," said Messenger.

Myrick's mother works for the postal service. She and his father and brother were in court but offered no comment.

Myrick could have been sentenced to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. Instead he will have to pay $150.

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