Friends and family mourn passing of Goochland teen

By: Laura Geller - bio | email

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) - Friends and family gathered Saturday to remember the life of a Goochland teen mysteriously killed.

Billy Lee Maxwell III was found on a dark road last Saturday.

As the tears flow freely, those closest to Billy lean on each other for support.

Mourners from throughout the community gathered at Goochland High School to remember the 17-year-old they call a loyal friend.

Steve McKenna says Maxwell was like his second son.

"It's been a very, very long week for everybody," he said. "It's been a long week for the family especially."

Questions still remain as to what happened nearly one week ago when Billy was found lying in the middle of Broad St. near Maiden's Road.

A medical examiner's report lists the cause of death as head injury, but how the 17-year-old got that injury is still under investigation.

McKenna says not knowing exactly what happened has been the most difficult part.

His son, Billy's best friend, was too distraught to speak at the service.

This is what he wrote:

"Knowing he is gone forever is devastating to me and it feels like there is half of me that has been ripped away from me. This is going to be hard on a lot of us for a long while."

Loved ones find comfort in their faith, sharing memories and photos.

They say Billy loved football, found strength in the religious group young life and had planned to join the army after graduation.

"He was fun. I called him my little Spartan warrior that's what he was," said McKenna. "He was a thousand miles an hour."

Now their thoughts turn to the future and a life without Billy Maxwell.

"How is today? You being here, you remembering who Billy was, how is that going to change the way you live maybe forever?" said family friend Will Cox.

The Goochland County Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police are still investigating Maxwell's death.

If you have any information call 556-5349.

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