Emergency water restrictions imposed for Chesterfield, others

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – The Appomattox River Water Authority announced those emergency water restrictions Friday afternoon, and Chesterfield leaders decided they would impose them on residents next Tuesday. But we've now learned that is not the case for other localities who are members of the water authority.

As we said, if you live in Chesterfield, the rules kick in for you on Tuesday. For Colonial Heights, the emergency restrictions begin on Monday. But if you live in Dinwiddie, Petersburg or Prince George -- the rules apply to you, right now!

Despite epic dry conditions at Lake Chesdin Mike VanDeweghe is hopeful rain is on the way.

"Usually with the state fair we can count on rain. So I'm going to count on that," he said.

The homeowner with an odd-numbered -address technically has one more day to water his new grass.

"I mean my yard is a mess. It's dry. So I'm basically starting over in patches. And just hope for the best," Mike said.

While Mike hopes for the best, he must prepare for the worst. Emergency water restrictions are in effect in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, and Prince George right now. Colonial Heights water restrictions will take effect on Monday and on Tuesday - they will take effect in Chesterfield. Under the emergency restrictions people will be prohibited from watering new or existing landscape.  Swimming pools cannot be filled. You can't wash your cars at home and you can't spray down pavement.

This is the first time in history water at Lake Chesdin has vanished. The counties dealing with never-before used emergency restrictions are now hurrying to get the information out.

There are several golf courses in Chesterfield County. Now the way the emergency restrictions work is a course would be prohibited from watering if it uses county water. But several courses have their own irrigation ponds or wells. They can continue watering.

While you can't wash your car at home, car washes can stay open. Mike wishes his sod could get a major spray down.

"We've just got to work with it while we've got it- and not panic," he said.

Emergency restrictions take effect Tuesday, but authorities are asking you to stop watering your lawns now. Chesterfield employees and police are ticketing violators. The fine is tacked on to your water bill.

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