Hanover studying redistricting the county

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - During the 2000 census, Hanover County's population came in at just over 86,000.  Today, that number is well over 100,000 and that growth could affect things like where you vote, or where your children go to school.

Hanover County leaders have already been studying the maps and researching occupancy certificates to get a good idea of what the census might tell them.  Hanover has seven districts, and county leaders want to spread the population as evenly as possible.  Based on preliminary numbers, that means each district should have about 14, 500 people.  That means change is on the way.

"It doesn't really affect school district attendance figures so much, but what it does affect are potentially the polling places," said county spokesperson Tom Harris.

"Some people's neighbors might vote in one place, and some in the other, which they probably won't like that, but hopefully the people in Hanover will come together, and we'll have public hearings on that," said Beaverdam supervisor Bucky Stanley.

He has been through redistricting before, and says while people are often reluctant to change, it always worked out in the end.

"To get those figures down to a science it's a lot of work, but we've got people who did it last 10 years, so I think that it will work," Stanley said.

"We are going to have to accommodate all that and make sure that our districts remain proportional, so that we can maintain the mandate really of one man, one vote, that whole concept is very important in this whole process," Harris said.

County leaders are expecting to have census data back by March; they will soon after start holding public hearings and hope to have redistricting finished by next summer.

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