Student attacked going to bus stop

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A teen is robbed on his way to school and tonight police are on the hunt for the two guys who did it.

Just before 7:30 this morning, police say the kid was attacked in the 200 block of West 31st Street - punched in the face and robbed of all his money.

By then kids were already getting picked up at the area bus stops.

"Usually they're all together, they just drag up just about time for the bus to come and some of them will come out early and sometimes the bus may be late, but usually it's a group of kids be standing at the bus stops in the morning," said Marilyn Greene who lives near the scene.

Just down the street from Greene's house is where elementary kids gather for the school bus every morning. It's also very close to where the student was robbed and assaulted.

"It's terrible when you can't even trust your child to stand at the bus stop anymore just to go to school," said Greene.

John Birkeland lives nearby. He says, his kid brother is usually walking home with other kids after school and can't imagine anyone wanting to rob a kid of their lunch money.

"pretty shocking to hear someone would be robbed for such a small amount of money I mean it's a petty crime and it's really really sad," Birkeland said.

"The kids need to just be with a group of kids maybe, they stay together they won't get robbed," said Michael France as he walked three little girls home from school nearby.

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