Ashland announces new paving project

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ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) - A smoother ride is on the way for those living and working in Ashland.  The town council has approved using $475,000 to pave several roads in popular neighborhoods throughout the town over the next year.

Those who travel these roads daily are certainly excited about the improvements, but it's businesses that are really happy.

Folks living and working in the town of Ashland could soon see improvements along a number of streets in the area.  The town council has put up nearly $500,000 for paving projects over the next year.

Paving just wrapped up along Hanover Avenue near Henry Clay Elementary School, and up next this fall is New Street.  Once complete, Public Works will see what this winter has in store for Ashland's roads, then tackle more projects in neighborhoods located off of England Street through the main stretch of Ashland.  That could include both Randolph and Maple, which bookend the Ashland Town Center that houses dozens of local businesses.

Tom Kargoe, who works in Ashland says, "it makes it easier; it makes it nice for people who travel the roads and even when they are paving it, they are going to sit there and notice things that are around the area at the time."

Tom Kargoe has worked in an upholstery shop for the past three years and says he's excited about what the improvements could do for business.  Madrina Yeary agrees.  She moved to Ashland earlier this year to open this pet-grooming business.

Yeary says, "anything that makes life easier is always good; if it's a benefit to the community, it's a benefit to the businesses that are there, so it's always a good thing."

Yeary hopes the Spring improvements will also help bring in more foot traffic.

Yeary says, "so especially if they are going to make it more accessible for the walking people the sidewalks, the side of the roads, the roads, all of it makes a difference."

The money for these projects come out of the town's current budget for street repairs and maintenance.

Town of Ashland Current Paving Projects

  • Hanover Avenue
  • Eastern New Street

Town of Ashland Potential Paving Projects

  • Southern S. Taylor Street
  • S. James Street from Hanover Avenue to Thompson Street
  • N. Snead Street from Wesley Street to James Street
  • Archie Cannon Drive
  • The streets within the Slash Cottage subdivision
  • Maple Street and Randolph Street from England Street to Myrtle Street

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