Cameras catch crack house bust

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Richmond Police raid a crack house and our cameras are rolling the entire time! But most disturbing thing found was proof that these drug addicts brought their kids with them, while they got high. This all went down in the Brauers community, just off Fairfield Avenue.

We were invited to go on a neighborhood walk with Richmond Police -- a chance for them to talk to people and hear their problems. But our story completely changed, when officers came across a drug den.

"This is just a common area for shooting up with heroin," said officer Anthony Catoggio. "You got your spoons for cooking it up. Still got the cotton balls."

A neighborhood walk-through leads to a big find for Richmond Police. Upstairs in an abandoned home they found a drug haven.

"This is for oxycodone," said Officer Steve Moore. "We've got candles here too. Well, because there's no electricity in the house. They gotta see what they're doing when their shooting up."

The find comes after Richmond police officers went walking through the Brauers neighborhood looking from crime tips from the people who live here. Their presence was more than welcomed by many.

"Because there's been a lot of robberies going on and much more like for older people," said one resident. "Maybe me! None of us are exempt from anything happening to us."

With a crack house down the block and neighbors concerned about being robbed on the street, one corner store owner is taking no chances. He's armed, and not afraid to fight back if someone tries to rob his store. Back inside the crack house though, it was a disturbing find that reminded officers why these neighborhood walks are necessary.

"A lot of them have kids, you can see a little toy," said Officer Moore. "The last lady that we got out actually had a 7-year-old son. So they come here to do their drugs? And stay."

From here the homeowner will be contacted and likely charged with maintaining a common nuisance.

Officers we spoke with believe the owner of the property likely had no idea what was going on inside the home. They believe neighborhood walks like the one we took part in, are helping them catch criminal activity all across the city and plan to continue them.

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