Evicted family calls 12 for help

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A Henrico family needs a home, and today they're asking for help. A sudden debilitating illness turned their lives upside down.

The Rehab Director at "Lexington Court Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center" e-mailed NBC12 about helping one of his patients. Mark Banks is there getting therapy. His wife and children were evicted yesterday. The apartment had to be empty by five today.

Mark Bank's body shows the debilitating lupus diagnosis. The auto immune disease strikes anywhere on the body; for Mark it's his brain.

"I worked all my life. Never been down like this," he said. "It's rough."

It's also scary. The factory worker has had multiple strokes since May and chemotherapy treatments increase the risk for more.

"I'm asking people to please try to help this gentleman get back to living," said Rehab Director Tim Burner with Lexington Court Rehab."Because of his age, at 48, he's very young, very hard to find any kind of programming built into our community to help."

Mark's wife, Lois, started packing before today. She knew early on the enormity of the diagnosis, and waged a fierce fight but lost when disability payments were delayed.

"I would call them and fuss all the time like, 'We're losing a roof over our heads, please, send the payments.' But they were like, 'Oh, it's going to go through departments to review' and the review process one time took an entire month," Lois said.

Mark couldn't work, and Social Services couldn't help. They fell behind in rent, electricity was shut off and their apartment deemed uninhabitable. Mark sees blessings...

"I'm able to walk. I'm able to talk to a degree," he said.

He worries though.

"The whole world changed. I was the bread winner. I got 2 kids at home to take care of," Mark explained.

And, he's hopeful.

"Thank you so much Tim he's on our side. I love you guys, I hope it works out for you," said Burner.

If you can help, contact me on Twitter at "DianeNBC12". Mark needs a first floor apartment a house with not too many steps. We hope a property owner calls. Lexington Rehab has appealed to his insurance company and extended his stay, but Mark will have to leave -- and right now, there's no permanent home for him, or his wife and kids.

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