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UPDATE: Person responsible for Goochland teen's death not coming forward

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GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) - There's a certain kind of emptiness on the side of the road where Billy Lee Maxwell was killed Saturday. There were no witnesses and almost no clues.

The medical examiner has announced the cause of death to be a severe head injury and has been determined to be accidental.

So the young man's friends, who gathered Monday at a roadside memorial, wonder: Who's responsible? And where is that person now?

Nobody ever dreams about describing a 17-year-old friend in the past tense...but there they were: Two friends of Billy Maxwell, laying flowers and a cigar at his roadside memorial.

"Whenever I had a problem, I could go to him about anything. He's just a really good person who will be missed," said friend Rushia Stanley.

Billy died on a darkened roadway so early Saturday morning that nobody seems to know what really happened. Not even friends who were with Billy at a party just hours earlier.

"It was just a whole bunch of kids hanging out and having fun. A get together, pretty much. And then he got a ride from somebody...and ended up like this," said friend Shawn Walton.

Billy was a senior at Goochland High School...where sad news about the apparent hit-and-run accident rocked the students and their teachers.

"We've had our auditorium open all morning for kids to come in and sit together and share stories," said Principal Francie Ball, who added, "It's a difficult day. And people, of course, ask why? And there is no why."

Yet, that remains the key beginning for so many questions: Why was Billy on a roadway miles away from his home? Why wasn't he in somebody's car? And why hasn't anyone come forward?

"It's all hearsay until they actually know who it was," Walton said.

"They need to come forth. They really do. I wish they would. It's a really hard thing," added Stanley.

Given that it was pitch dark when the incident happened, authorities know it's highly likely that the only person who knows what happened that night would've been driving on the road.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with information on the boy's death to call the Goochland County Sheriff's Office. The number is (804) 556-5349.

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