Meeting tonight on adding bike, walking paths in Richmond

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A meeting is set for tonight, for you to give your opinion on ways to make Richmond biker and walker friendly.

Everywhere you look in Richmond, bikers are riding along and people are walking the sidewalks.

Some like Diana Attuso have it pretty easy on Monument Avenue.  "I got the median right here! It's pedestrian friendly. But, not biker friendly."

No one knows that better than Kara Sprouse. The VCU student just started biking in and around campus, including on busy Broad Street.

"It's kind of crazy because a lot of drivers don't pay attention to you. So, you have to pay attention to them. I try to bike as close to the edge as I can," says Kara Spouse.

And sometimes that can be pretty difficult. But, the city is listening.

Earlier this year, Mayor Dwight Jones said it's time to make the city more walker and biker friendly. Tonight is your chance to share some ideas to help people like Kara. Not only that, but you'll be able to vote on which ideas from the city right now that you like best.

"I would like to see some bike routes especially for busy streets like Broad," says Kara. That is just one of many ideas to be presented tonight.

Ideally,  the city is looking at bike lanes on busy city streets like Broad and Main. Leaders say that would reduce pollution, increase safety and even boost the economy, by enticing tourists and bikers to Richmond businesses.  

"I hope they do put them in very soon. I'm going to be here for another 3 years! I'm going to be biking a lot! So, we'll see," says Kara.

The meeting will take place at the Carillon in Byrd Park. It will run from 6:30PM until 9:00PM. At the meeting, you will be able to vote on which plan you like best. Leaders will be presenting ideas for years down the road.

If you can not make the meeting, there will be a survey for you to fill out on the Richmond City web site. That is found at

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