VCU alcohol crackdown

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We all know that college life may involve alcohol, but how much is too much?

VCU Police are holding a checkpoint on campus this weekend, to catch drunk drivers and we've pulled the numbers to find out what else their doing to crack down on alcohol and drug use on campus.

A group of freshman students on campus talk about what they've encountered. They say most of their friends won't even go to a party if there is no alcohol.

"If you're going to do something that's already against the rules you shouldn't do it - where it's double against the rules, you'll have to deal with the school and the police," said freshman, Mina Kaabi.

"If you're gonna do it, you have to be smart about it," said another freshman, Negin Arian.

Kaabi and Arian often see students take the party off campus, but what they may not know is, what can happen when they return to their dorms.

"It's usually they get the kids when they walk into the dorms; they'll catch them with alcohol on their breath," said VCU graduate student, Christian Wright.

So how much of the drinking and the drug-use happens on-campus? We checked out the incident reports with VCU police and found out just this month alone there were already 20 alcohol violations and 16 drug offenses at the Monroe Park Campus.

For the entire month of September last year, there were 31 alcohol violations and 12 drug offenses on Monroe Park Campus. September 2010 is already on course to surpass those totals.

"All these young people are suddenly put out into the world and they don't have parents and that's what they do, they drink and do drugs and party, that's what happens," said VCU Sophomore student, Shane Abinette.

The cops will be out starting at 11 Saturday night. Police are going to be looking to any other illegal activity. They also will be checking for proper vehicle registrations and licenses.

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