Blair Underwood talks about "The Event"

By Gray Hall - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Monday, September 20th you'll get your first look at the new NBC show "The Event" -- featuring Petersburg native, Blair Underwood. Gray Hall had a chance to talk to the Actor one on one about his new role. Underwood says, "Everything that was a first for me in my acting career started in and around Petersburg and Richmond. He is proud of his Virginia roots.

The actor says, "I started my acting career in Petersburg and Richmond Virginia. I went to high school there and was actually the president of my student government which is funny to playing the president now all these years later." Underwood now stars in a new NBC show called "The Event" -- it premiers September 20th right here on NBC 12.

Underwood says, "People have called it kind of a fusion of 24 and Lost.It is fast paced high octane character driven political thriller first and foremost with science fiction undertones." Underwood says the show promises lots of action with twists and turns -- he has an important role.

He says, "my role is President Elias Martinez and he is a newly elected president he is very idealistic not naive by any stretch of the imagination but a good guy as far as we know ...But as soon find out nothing is as it seems."

"The Event" follows a man investigating the disappearance of his wife -- he ends up unraveling the biggest cover up in U-S history. We asked Blair why he took the role he says, "What made me want to play this role is the leader of the free world ...That alone...I hadn't done that before."

Playing the President puts Blair in a small group of African American Actors that have played that role in a major TV series. It seems like a pretty tough role -- so we had to ask the obvious question. "Have you talked to the President about how to play the President?" He says, "I have not spoken to the President but I spoke to the First Lady a couple of weeks ago and mentioned it to her but I know they are kind of busy right now but I hope they tune in."

You may still be wonder -- what exactly is the event -- well you have to tune in to find out.

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