House democrats to oppose ABC privatization

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If the Democrats have it their way - Governor McDonnell's plan to privatize ABC stores will soon be on the rocks!

Henrico Delegate Joe Morrissey is the House Minority Whip - and is a member of the caucus leadership.

He spoke on behalf of the democratic leadership Thursday night when he said that "ABC privatization" is too risky and won't work. He believes there is a much easier way to raise the funds needed to solve the state's transportation problem.

"Slap 10 cent gasoline tax on, index it to inflation, you've got $500 million a year every year. Right now I can buy gas at $2.46 one place, $2.56 another place, you don't notice the 10 cents," said Morrissey.

Communications Director Tucker Martin provided a response for the McDonnell Administration:

"Certain House Democrats are doing a great job of demonstrating why they are in the minority. They are saying no to $500 million for roads, without a tax increase, while not advancing any transportation proposals of their own. That's embarrassing."

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