Nile gets OK to travel

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We're counting the weeks to what will be an emotional meeting, if Nile Price can get to Texas. A woman from Houston donated her bone marrow. The transplant cured the 14-year-old of sickle cell anemia. Now he wants to thank her in person, but needs help getting there.

If Nile doesn't get to Houston, it will be because of money matters -- not medical. Nile's doctor gave him the go ahead to travel this afternoon.

His doctor has nothing but adoration for the kid who's endured so much, gracefully.

"He has a spirit that's unbelievable. He's gone through treatment, and still suffers complications and still has such a positive attitude. Every time he is so thankful," said Dr. Kamar Godder.

The trip to meet the woman who saved his life would be mental healing his doctor believes. Nile's immune system is not completely normal. He's still at risk of getting infections, but he knows the precautions.

"If he's in a very crowded area like an airplane, not sit by the door, where everybody's moving or by the bathroom, and wear a mask," Godder said.

His struggle is so significant; Nile and his donor, a white woman from Houston are subjects in an international study. It's rare that a person of another race would have the perfect bone marrow match to cure an African American of sickle cell anemia. Both Nile and Laura Klubert recognize a miracle.

"I think she's remarkable. Outstanding and a blessing to our family," said Nile. "To me when you meet somebody over the phone or through email, you are not fully meeting them until you actually meet them in person and it'll mean a lot to me to thank her in person too.''

"Travel for him would be so fantastic. I think quality for life for him is the major thing we focus on," Godder said.

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