Juvenile arrested after 3-year-old boy allegedly hit with hammer

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A young boy is behind bars charged with malicious wounding. This comes exactly one week after a 3-year-old Richmond boy was found with a severe skull fracture. It happened in the 1900 block of Accommodation Street in the city's East End.

The three year old was rushed to the hospital last Thursday. His mother claimed he fell off the porch railing...at least that's what she was told from another mother. As soon as doctors took a look, they called in the cops to start and investigation. The little boy was diagnosed with a severe skull fracture caused by something more than just a fall.

Neighborhood moms told NBC12 the boy was hit in the head with a hammer and it was more than blood spewing out of his head. Neighbors say an older boy did it and was caught washing off the bloody hammer.

After a week of questioning, police made an arrest. The little boy was in fact hit in the head with a blunt object. And now an older boy is behind bars.

Police aren't releasing any more details about the case. They're not saying if the object was a hammer. They're of course not releasing any details of the juvenile arrest, but say the 3-year old is making improvements at the hospital.

This is an ongoing investigation. Police say there could be more charges. This time to some parents involved.

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