VDOT making repairs to Route 288 in Chesterfield

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Drivers who travel 288 tell us they are worried about safety. They contacted NBC12 about a problem they've been dodging for months.

Those who drive route 288 say they have to avoid miles of potholes between I-95 and the Powhite Parkway.

"I'm afraid I'd hit one the wrong way, maybe even blow a tire," said Denise Holt.  "You don't know what's down inside of the potholes."

We catch Denise Holt filling her tank before she takes to the rugged route. She doesn't look forward to the bumps in the road.

"He's in his car seat a lot," Denise said of her son.  "You see him bouncing up and down."

On our NBC12 Facebook page viewers weigh in on the road that's developed a reputation for potholes.

"288 is awful" said one woman.

"They are not pot holes on 288- they are sink holes" said another."

"Probably like at least that big," said Rick Mitchell who stretched out his arms to explain the biggest pot hole he's seen.  "Big enough to swallow your tire up. I mean if you have a small vehicle you're in trouble."

Rick Mitchell has seen the patches.

"They were trying to patch it with asphalt and it's a cement road. And they don't go together," Mitchell said.

NBC12 took your concerns to VDOT.

"We thank you for keeping us posted and letting us know," VDOT spokesperson Taya Jarman said. "But it was already on our radar and we're in the process of trying to get it fixed."

The extensive repairs between Interstate 95 and the Powhite started a couple weeks ago.

"And we'll actually taking out sections of the roadway and repairing and replacing concrete and materials," said Jarman.

During the day drivers will notice cones on standby and the machines in the median. But the actual construction happens overnight so fewer drivers are affected.

Sixteen miles of lanes, both north and south, will be smoothed out. Rick can't wait for the day he doesn't have to dodge the doozies in the road.

"I'm hoping that the results will be good," said Rick Mitchell.

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