Three homes burglarized on same block

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Three homes are ransacked all on the same block and all within just days of each other.

This happened on the 3700 block of Westcliff Avenue in Henrico with just the past week. All three homes had multiple windows on several doors smashed so the crooks could easily get inside the home.

The people who live in those homes believe it was likely all done by the same person. Florcita Quinteros has boarded up the windows burglars smashed to get inside of her Henrico County home. Once they got in the crooks looked for anything they could steal.

"They ransacked all of the drawers," said burglary victim, Florcita Quinteros. "There were things all over my mom's bed. It was terrifying! I felt really violated. I mean all of our personal stuff was out on the bed. Our jewelry boxes were strewn out. It was pretty terrifying."

The burglars hit three homes on this block including Florcita's and the one next door. Now these neighbors are afraid to go to sleep at night.

"And that night I stayed up all night...cause every noise you're on pins and needles," said neighbor and burglary victim, Melissa Lambert.

She's worried the crooks might come back and isn't so sure her quick fix will keep them out a second time.

The crooks made off with an iPod and cash. At Florcita's home they stole jewelry and a Nintendo Wii. While material things can be replaced, Florcita has 2 little reasons to be concerned.

"I'm very concerned for my safety and my children's safety," she said.

These victims want others to be on the lookout in case the burglars come back for more. They're hoping police will step up patrol in their neighborhood.

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