Dollar Store deals

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Who doesn't love the Dollar Store? There's a bargain around every corner. Stores like the Dollar Tree carry products that would cost a lot more elsewhere.

"Don't go to Walmart, don't go to Family Dollar, come to the Dollar Tree before you go there because you basically get the same thing here - brand name stuff but you just pay less," said Dollar Tree shopper Barbara Eason.

Anything gift related, bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, these are superbly priced at a dollar. Target's gift bags and Walmart's wrapping paper cost 3 times as much Dollar Tree's. Same goes with the invitations, they'd cost you $3 elsewhere.

The next time you're going to movies, make sure you stop here first. Instead of paying 3 dollars for a box of candy, you can get it for a buck with a much bigger selection to choose from.

Halloween decorations could cost an arm and a leg at any other store. But Dollar Tree is stocked and ready to go for the season.

But with any store, you have to scrutinize prices carefully. Canned goods tend to price a bit higher than in regular grocery stores, and school supplies can be found much cheaper elsewhere.

Some of best deals are pregnancy tests. Soon-to-be-expecting women tend to burn through a bunch of these, so stocking up at a low cost can help. The cheapest tests at Walmart cost $8.98 for 2, so one for a dollar is a pretty good deal.

Other good deals include oven mitts, brand name toothpaste, napkins and plastic cutlery. And if they don't have what you need in the store, they might at

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