Educational Editorial: First day of school

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - While talking with a superintendent from southwest Virginia, he shared a story that had been related to him by a school bus driver.

On the first day the driver picked up an excited five-year-old.  The driver could not wait to see him at the end of the day. When she got to his home and as he stepped off the bus, the driver said, "See you in the morning, honey."

The new kindergartner paused, looked up into the stairwell of the bus and said, "Don't pick me up tomorrow, had enough of this stuff today."

School can be a "turn off," but this student must have had a really bad day. What can we do to reinforce school with our children?

First, talk to them about school every day. What did you do today? Did you do well?  Who are your friends?  Did you have any problems today? Can I help you?

Second, talk with their teachers. While many parents feel that they should begin to step back with the middle or high school years, it is actually the time to step up.

Our children want our love, guidance, and structure at all ages.

Ask their teachers…What did he do today? Did he do well?  Does he choose good friends? Did he have any problems? Can I help him?

Parents, know where your children are, with whom they associate, and what they are doing. This does not mean hover, it means be engaged. Someone who cares is critical to their success.

A study of school dropouts identified those students who had all of the characteristics for failure but did not -- there was always someone that they refused to "let down."

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