Report released on Richmond Coliseum options

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email

RICHMOND (WWBT) - A group studying the future of the Richmond Coliseum is focusing on a handful of locations in and around downtown.

The lead consultant released preliminary findings this afternoon from a $150,000 study underway right now.

The Coliseum study group as been looking at what to do with the Richmond Coliseum since June. Today the group revealed four possible locations for a new venue.

Number one on the list is building on or renovating the current location of the Richmond Coliseum. But, if the Coliseum group recommends starting from scratch the city will consider three other spots.

Moving the venue a few blocks away to the old public safety building between 8th and 10th streets. Or switching to the Boulevard and building a facility at the ABC warehouses and the fourth possible location is The Diamond itself.

"We're looking at the general site right now and trying to figure out how it could be situated with the existing facility understanding that their might be a new facility developed in the future," said Daniel Barrett, who is part of the Coliseum consulting firm conducting the study.

He said after evaluating the market his group is recommending the city have a 14-15,000 seat venue that could handle major concerts.

"The Richmond market is currently losing events because it doesn't have enough capacity to support to attract those events," he said.

The Coliseum study group is expected to make a final recommendation to the city in mid-November.

The Coliseum study group also polled 1,500 Richmonders through an e-mail survey. The group said 83 percent of those who responded support a renovated or new coliseum, as opposed to leaving the Coliseum unchanged.

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