Flasher on the loose in the West End

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A man exposed himself to a woman at the Sundance Station apartments on Forest Edge Court around 6 Wednesday morning. Henrico Police are still trying to hunt down this guy.

The woman saw the man pull down his pants and grope himself. When she tried to get away he followed her and only ran off when she screamed and said she was calling the police.

As the news of a man exposing himself spread throughout a West End apartment complex the most common response was laughter. But for at least one woman this was no laughing matter.

As the woman left her apartment early that morning she walked into the parking lot. That's where she saw the man standing. He pulled down his pants and exposed himself. She ran back inside.

"The thought of someone roaming around and like exposing themselves is kind of...I honestly feel really safe in this apartment complex and that's not something that I would expect to hear," said resident, Andrea Ingram.

Other women we spoke with were shocked by what happened. Most people who live here had never heard of something like this happening in the area. But even the women laughed nervously when asked what they would do in this situation.

"Ohh! I really would probably just take off running in the opposite direction!" laughed Ingram.

"Well I don't think he'll do that to me because before he gets a chance to it would probably not...it would be best that he didn't attempt to," added Kenton Robinson.

The flasher is described as a white male with collar length light brown hair and a hairy chest. He was last seen wearing blue jogging pants.

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