Sliding Hill Road makeover complete in Hanover

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A major road construction project is now complete in Hanover County.  The intersection of Sliding Hill and New Ashcake roads got a complete makeover.  More lanes and other improvements should help with traffic issues in the area.

More than a decade in the making, this road construction project was designed to alleviate heavy congestion and long wait times at this intersection.

Sliding Hill and New Ashcake roads are popular routes for people living in the Atlee-Elmont area.

Hanover Traffic Engineer Joe Vidunas says, "in the morning commuters from the residential areas were using Sliding Hill to get to [Interstate] 95, and obviously in the evenings we were seeing the reverse pattern."

Traffic was constantly backing up, and the need for change was evident.  Hanover partnered with VDOT in the late-90s to come up with a plan.  The $6.4 million project included moving part of the road, adding additional lanes and creating a new turning pattern.

Before this, both Sliding Hill and New Ashcake roads were single lanes, so folks would get hung up by people needing to turn left.   Since the project wrapped up last month, that's no longer the case.

Vidunas says, "it's really more than an intersection improvement; we have realigned Sliding Hill Road to provide a better alignment

Vidunas says major projects like this are done with the future in mind, possibly even 20 years down the road, so this construction also allows for the future extension of New Ashcake road.  It also takes bikers into account.

Vidunas says, "Sliding Hill is on the Route 76 bike route, so as part of the project we included bike lanes just through the intersection.

VDOT and Hanover County will continue to monitor traffic flow in this area and if it continues to be a problem, they will consider other alternatives, including putting up a traffic light at this intersection.

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