Police arrest man for Fan robbery

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond Police arrest a man, who they say attacked and robbed a VCU student on campus.

We've learned that suspect may be responsible for several armed robberies in the area. The attack on the student happened on the 1100 block of Grove Avenue just before 1:30 Friday morning.

The suspect, 21-year-old Jason Warrington, is now behind bars. This arrest only took minutes but police tell us it could be the big break they've been looking for in a rash of street robberies here.

It was quiet Friday afternoon on Grove Avenue in Richmond's Fan District and it could be for some time. Street robberies that have been happening in this area could be the work of a man police now have in custody.

"Precinct detectives have decided they are going to take this gentleman's photo and are going to circulate it among different victims and say, 'Do you recognize this person? Is this person responsible for your incidents?'" said RPD spokesperson, James Mercante.

The arrest comes after a VCU student was approached on this street and attacked. Police believe Warrington punched the student in the head and made off with his wallet. He was found just a short time later and just a few blocks up the street from where that robbery initially happened. He had the victim's wallet and police were able to quickly make that arrest.

"I probably would have fought back honestly," said Grove Avenue resident, Aaron Shortt. "I wouldn't probably be walking these streets by myself."

While the news of the arrest is good news to the students who call this area home, many of them are still not taking their own personal safety for granted. Police didn't want to release Warrington's photo because they are using it in a lineup to see if other robbery victim's recognize him. Right now he's being charged with one count of robbery.

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