Android hides GPS spyware

By Gray Hall - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you use the Android phone beware of what you download. A game application was pulled from the market because it didn't inform customers that downloading it - could allow someone to follow your every move.

Computer experts say the game, called Tap Snake, was really a clone that installed a GPS spyware on your phone. They say always make sure you know exactly what you are downloading, and never let strangers use your phone.

If you use the Android phone beware of a Trojan.

"Trojan is a word that scares a lot of people for a lot of reasons, it goes back to the Trojan Horse where men snuck in unknowingly so that would mean that a particular program or application could have access without you knowing it," said Adam Bell with Albtech.

Bell says, the free application was recently pulled from the market because it was identified as a Trojan. Downloading it allowed someone to track your every move - without you knowing it.

"The bottom line with a phone is it doesn't do anything you don't want until you start to install applications on there," he said.

Bell says many applications have similar tracking capabilities but alert you before you download them. The problem with Tap Snake was that it failed to inform consumers they could be tracked.

The good news -- tracking you wouldn't be easy.

"It is quite elaborate for someone to actually have access to your phone and go through this whole procedure," Bell said.

He say always be aware of what you install and how it works. Another important security measure - don't lend your phone to anyone.

Google has removed the game from it's applications. Experts say never allow applications access to your network that you don't trust. Computer experts also say another way to keep your phone secure is put a password lock on it so only you can gain access. Experts say this clone type application will likely not occur on smart phones in the future due to the rigorous security approval screening the applications go through before they are released.

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