Independent review of computer problems

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – The computer problems which led to these delays will now be the focus of an independent review. That's word today from Governor McDonnell, who calls the computer failure "unacceptable".

During a tour of the state's emergency operations center, Governor McDonnell talked candidly about the outage.

"It was a hardware failure that was unprecedented," McDonnell said. "Of all the state's servers were affected, 26 out of the 89 agencies that are under the VITA contract were affected."

VITA, the state agency responsible for the computer problem, is over-seen by private company Northrop Grumman. Repairs are complete, but there are still issues.

"The backup data now is either not yet retrieved or is corrupted to some degree that we don't know whether we'll retrieve it.  So a lot of our citizens are going to be inconvenienced," said McDonnell.

McDonnell now has three things in place:  there will be an independent review of the outage, Northrop Grumman will pay for it and DMV hours will be extended.

"As soon as we know what the responsibilities are and what our legal rights are, it's my intention to make sure that all of the interests of the commonwealth are protected," he said.

In its first-statement to the media since the computer glitch, a spokesperson for Northrop Grumman says: "We are working through the lessons learned from this unfortunate incident and revising the plan to improve response time for restoring agency operations."

With DMV services restored, things now move quickly.

"We see that there are not very many cars in the parking lot and I said well this is a good sign. I go in- nobody's standing in line, get right up- before I could even fill the form out they're calling us up," said DMV customer Muriel Taylor.

Extra security and employees are ready to help customers who for seven-days were turned away.

The governor says an outside vendor will conduct the review. That announcement will come in the weeks ahead.

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