Fight against bedbugs may cause more harm than good

By Laura Geller - bio | email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – You may have heard of the bedbug invasion taking over the nation; now there's new information the fight against these critters may cause more harm than good.

Michael Morris with Integrity Pest Solutions said the battle to rid your home of these nasty insects is difficult.

"For ants and roaches, we got sexual pheromones that we can bring them out but with this, the only thing we got is a warm body with blood in it," Morris explained.

That's why homeowners are turning to heavy duty pesticides. There's a new warning now from the Environment Protection Agency, to never use these toxic outdoor chemicals inside your home.

"Anything up to death because you got inhalation problems with the sprays, then you got skin contact, eyes contact, some of the stuff will get into your skin," said Morris.

He hopes the first instinct is to seek professional help, but knows most people will try to squash the pests themselves.

If you are going to try to tackle this problem on your own, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  Most importantly, choose a product that targets bedbugs specifically. Also, read the label.  It is very important to follow the directions.

"If you see another within a couple days somewhere else, call a professional," cautioned Morris.  "We use vacuums and we use a lot of different types of applications for this particular pest."

It is a costly and time consuming process, which is causing the EPA to also warn against what it's calling fly-by-night exterminators.

"If anybody comes and says it's dirt cheap and we can get rid of it in one shot, then just runaway," Morris warned.

If you have any concerns about your pest control service, you can check with the Virginia Pest Management Association to make sure your exterminator is properly licensed.

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