Elderly gunshot victim eager to return home

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - There is new information in the violent robbery attempt that left a 77-year-old Henrico man hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

There's a first floor apartment, and it's quiet today, because the man known only as "Mr. Mickey" is still in the hospital.

"I heard about it. I thought he was going to die but then people told me no," said Aalayah Younger, a young neighbor.

The youngsters at Coventry Gardens realize, at least for now, that Mr. Mickey isn't there. But they don't quite understand what happened.

It was Saturday night, about 10:30. Mr. Mickey and a six-year-old boy were walking, together, to the Food Lion, just a block away.

Witnesses said there was a group of teenagers, sitting on the brick marquee outside the complex. Mr. Mickey and the young boy walked beside them and then turned up the sidewalk, where the robbery took place from behind.

Mr. Mickey had no cash, and for that, police say, he took a bullet before the group then ran away. The man's neighbors say it's a good thing management is improving safety where they live.

"They used to have concrete steps right here, and you couldn't see through them. Now, as one of the safety features, they did away with that," said neighbor Lenny Goswick.

The boy was unharmed and turned over to his mother. Doctors believe Mr. Mickey will be well enough to return home by mid-week, and when that happens, the kids will be waiting.

"I know that he's a nice man, because when everybody used to ask for a dollar, he'd give them one or two," said young neighbor Dereka Patterson.

Police said it was the six year old boy who called 911. NBC12 reached Mr. Mickey in his hospital room. When informed about that today, he said "That's pretty good. He's very smart."

Mr. Mickey, whose full name is still not being released by police, added that the boy is not his grandson, despite police references to the contrary. He said they met through friends in the neighborhood.

The suspect in the robbery is still at large. Police describe him as a black male, possibly a teenager, 5'8'' - 5'10'', skinny, dark complexion, short hair, wearing a white tee shirt, and gray pants.

Police add that there was a group of teenagers nearby who likely saw this incident.  If you have any information regarding this crime, contact Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.

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