Dexter doll sold at toy store sparking controversy

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dexter, cable TV's favorite serial killer, is now an action figure, on the shelves at local Toys R Us store. But some parents aren't too happy about that.

Dexter is an Emmy-winning series on Showtime. Even though the packaging is clearly marked not for kids, some parents think they shouldn't be in the popular toy store.

It's one of the hottest shows on cable. Dexter, blood spatter expert by day, serial killer by night, but he only murders bad guys. Now, a collectors item in a children's themed store.

The action figure, made by Bif Bang Pow, has different versions including one with a hacksaw. That company points out there are other fictional characters that kill on store shelves.

Curtis Brown is a big fan of the Showtime series. He thought the Dexter dolls were Toys R Us online exclusives.

"I really didn't expect to see America's favorite serial killer on the shelf, but there he was," said Brown.

In between Gremlins and Battlestar Gallactica figures.

"Oh he's a serial killer. Oh my," said parent Beth Caldwell.

Caldwell has a ten year old daughter. She doesn't think the Dexter doll is appropriate for a toy store.

"It seems like it would be at one of those comic book stores, you know that sell specialty items," said Caldwell.

An Ohio man felt the same way and complained to Toys R Us.    

According to a company spokeswoman: "A small number were ordered to accommodate our avid action figure collector customers. They are expected to be out of our store inventory very soon."

Brown says it's nice to see Toys R Us marketing toward the adult collector.

"Maybe they should move the adult themed stuff into its own section, so it's not so prominent in the family areas," said Brown.

There were only a handful on the shelves at the Chesterfield store. 

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