Crash leaves car hanging over Shockoe Bottom

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It was a hectic evening commute for people trying to use the exit ramp from I-95 to the Downtown Expressway.

A truck carrying two cars crashed into a guardrail, leaving one of those vehicles dangling over Shockoe Bottom. This overpass travels right over the Downtown Canal Walk. It made things interesting for people taking a leisurely evening stroll.

There are only a few words you can use to describe the scene.

"Terrifying," said Graham Ford with a laugh. His friend Ann Wagner added "It would have been really awful."

Wagner and Ford can laugh because they decided to take their evening walk after the mess was already cleaned up. Police say it started when Jamie Vaughn was driving a truck carrying two cars and lost control smashing into a guardrail on the I-95 ramp onto the downtown expressway.

A crash site that is pretty high in the air.

"I was thinking about it as we drove in just that it was really high and I was looking at the guard rails," said Ford. "I didn't even connect that the canal was right under it."

Those guard rails were enough to keep the car from falling, but it couldn't keep it's windshield from crashing right on to the Canal Walk. The same exact spot Heather Nelson would've been if she had started her evening walk an hour later.

"It's the kind of thing that could happen any day," said Nelson. "I mean that could happen anywhere."

No one was hurt, and traffic on both I-95 and the Canal Walk was back up in running in just a few hours. A minor inconvenience compared to the major problems this accident could've caused.

Jamie Vaughn, the driver of the truck, has been charged with reckless driving. State police say speed was likely a factor in the crash.

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