Chesterfield door to door burglar on the run

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A door-to-door burglar is on the loose in Chesterfield County and he's ransacking houses looking for valuables. It's happening on the 300 block of Kenova Drive in the Quail Oaks neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon. This burglar hit 2 Chesterfield homes this past Tuesday. He climbed into second story windows and broke down doors - whatever it took to get inside.

"You can see the pry marks where they had tried to pry in and they could not get past the deadbolt," explained burglary victim Linda Jones. "They shouldered it in."

After breaking in to the home burglars got a big surprise. The home they broke in to was empty. Their next stop was the home right next door and here they hit the jackpot.

"They took a notebook, they took some cash, some jewelry and they rummaged through the house," said Jones. "They violated the drawers. They tore some things up."

The new door has been replaced on the vacant home ever since those crooks broke in and not much is left of the door that the crooks broke through. While these things can be replaced, those crooks are still on the loose and could strike again.

"They come in my backyard my dogs will bite!" said neighbor Linda Mason.

Down the street neighbors have already added extra precaution to their homes knowing that these burglars struck more than once.

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