Scooter-jacking happening in The Fan

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The only way to describe it is bold! Crooks are trying to steal scooters while people are using them. It happened early Wednesday morning in The Fan. Two crooks assaulted one man and tried to get away with his bike. It only takes 2 people to pick one of these bikes up and just because you're riding yours doesn't mean they won't come after you.

"I didn't lock mine up, but I was lucky," said scooter rider, Wally Hogue. "I was fortunate nobody came out here and tried to take my scooter."

We caught up with Wally Hogue on West Cary Street where he left his scooter unlocked and unattended. On the same block, early Wednesday morning, one man nearly had his stolen right in front of his eyes.

"It's scary. Very scary," said Hogue. "It's just unheard of. People must be getting desperate for whatever reason."

It seems that more people are getting smarter and actually locking up their bikes. Crooks are now stealing them from right under your hands. At that point you've got to decide what's more important? Your bike or your life?

"If they were armed, they can have it," said Hogue. "If they weren't armed it'd be a tussle."

Wally typically keeps his bike locked and advises others to be aware that these 2 wheeled mopeds are becoming a hot commodity. One that people will do almost anything to get their hands on.

If you're not on your scooter make sure it's locked. It only takes a few seconds to do so. Obviously if you're approached by someone with a weapon wanting to take your weapon, just give it to them and call police.

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