Guardian Angels set to open new Richmond chapter

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - They are known for pounding the pavement in big cities plagued by crime, now the Guardian Angels are set to do the same in Richmond, and they are looking for you to help turn your own community around.

One of the first areas you'll see the Guardian Angels on the streets in September is on Hull Street in the Southside.

Already calls have been pouring in, talking about the problems there. But the work will only begin there and spread all over the area.

Police lights flashing, gun shots echoing -- all in the same neighborhood Michael Waded calls home: Highland Park.

"You have a lot of robberies and people don't feel safe coming out at night," says Waded.

So, Jo White knew it was time for a change. "This is a huge undertaking. This is a huge undertaking!"

Jo and some others started a neighborhood watch group here in Highland Park during the winter. "Then, it got warm and when it got warm, everybody started coming out. We got calls from the neighbors complaining of violence in the park, we decided we had to step it up."

Step it up, big time. Not only there, but across city of Richmond.

"Our presence is going to be important. Just our presence may stop drug dealers, gangs. Our presences is all we need," adds White.

Eventually, they'll go all over the metro area, from Henrico, to Chesterfield, to Petersburg: wherever their eyes are needed.

Michael Waded was so inspired by the Guardian Angels ready to take back the streets, he's decided to get involved himself.

"No, I am not trying to be a role model. It's something that needs to be done. It needs to be done," says Waded.

The hope of this group is to not only drop the crime rate in the area, but also help the community.

"I really look forward to working with the community and working any way we can to bring down the crime," says White.

"The community should be safe for anyone," says Waded.

If you want to get involved before the big start up in the beginning of September, give Jo White a call at 937-6836.

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