High speed rail meeting Tuesday

Written by Gene Petriello - bio | email
Posted by Iva Radman – email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - People living in Chesterfield wanting to hop on board with plans for a high-speed rail in Virginia get their chance to talk Tuesday. That meeting will allow you the opportunity to sound off on the possibility of some changes to the way you drive around the county, as well as the possible increase in the number of trains set to run through some of your backyards.

Right now, the Village News reports that as many as 40 CSX freight trains and several Amtrak trains run through part of the county already.

With this project sitting on the table, the state wants to do three things: upgrade Richmond's Main Street Station, build a third rail line to DC, and increase the speed of the trains.

If that happens the Village News says the Chester and Centralia areas could see construction of underpasses and bridges along with right of ways that would be used for the new tracks.

In June, we reported the news that this high speed rail would not stop in Richmond, and that's something city leaders aren't happy about. Tuesday's meeting about the plan is at 1pm at the Bensley Community Center. If you miss that one there's another on Thursday at Thomas Dale High School's small auditorium. It won't start until 7 pm.

Earlier this year, the mayor, the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and other regional leaders fired off letters to the Commonwealth Transportation Board objecting to the new plan to bypass the city.

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