Bike riding burglars breaking in homes

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Bike riding burglars are breaking into north Richmond homes and we found one woman who almost became a victim. This is happening on the 3200 block Edgewood Avenue in the Brookland Park area. One woman returned home to find her back window smashed in but something inside her home likely scared the thieves off. The woman had 2 big dogs that just happened to be out of their cages when the crooks tried to break in. Now Richmond police are looking for those bike riding burglars before they hit another home.

"I walked through the door and noticed there was glass on the floor," said burglary victim, Victoria Grantham.

As Victoria got home from work that was the first sign that something was wrong. Someone tried to break in through the back gate of her Brookland Park neighborhood home just this past Wednesday.

"I had just locked it up that morning to put the trash out so I know it was locked and I guess they just basically just ripped the gate," said Victoria. "They took that part off, took the lock off."

A quiet alley leads to the back of several homes in this neighborhood. Lately many of the residents have reported seeing suspicious characters in the area. After speaking with her neighbors, Victoria has reason to believe her home was targeted.

"They saw 2 gentlemen, one Caucasian one African American riding bikes earlier that day," said Victoria. "I believe one of them knocked on our door earlier that day to check and make sure we were not home."

Many other residents have reported seeing two strangers riding bikes in this neighborhood as well. Unfortunately they only have a vague description of the likely suspects. One thing is for sure, this community is on the lookout to prevent other homes from being burglarized.

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