FUGITIVE FRIDAY: Search for Michael John Kramer

By Matt Boyce - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – This week's featured fugitive is Michael John Kramer. He's wanted by the Goochland County sheriff's office for writing a bad check.

On Friday August 5, 2009, police say Michael John Kramer was perusing the lot of Parrish Ford in Goochland County.

"He said he had a small R.C. Car competition that he does quite a bit, needed a truck to carry a large trailer."

Sales Manager Harold Stricklin remembers that evening and says Kramer decided to purchase a brand new Ford F-250 super crew diesel truck. Kramer paid cash for his new ride, stroking a check for $48,700.

"He did seem genuine, seemed clean cut, had his son with him in fact," said Stricklin.

Kramer asked the dealership to hold the check for a couple of days. When they tried to cash it, the check bounced.

"Obviously he didn't have the appropriate funds. Then he called and said he had a small issue with the truck, wanted our service department to look at it and basically he brought it back and left it. Never to be seen or heard from again," Stricklin said.

"This is a pretty substantial amount that was passed, we do have bad checks from time to time but usually not near this amount," said Deputy Chad Hatton with Goochland County Sheriff's Office.

The Goochland County sheriff's office has been hunting Kramer for the past year.

"He's known to reside in the Mosley area in Powhatan County. He also has a previous address in the Rivers Trace neighborhood in Chesterfield County," Hatton said.

Police believe Kramer is still in the area and say he has coached little league in Powhatan County. He may also frequent the Hampton Roads area.

"People like you and me end up paying for crimes like this all the time," he said. "We don't want him to victimize anyone else, we don't want him to victimize any other businesses. Hopefully, if we can bring him to justice he may be prevented from doing that again."

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