Thieves miss diamond ring in car break-in

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – your iPod, laptop and other electronics are all items thieves are waiting to snatch from your car and one Richmond woman learned the hard way. Her personal belongings were stolen from her locked car overnight on the 2800lock of Monument Avenue in Richmond's Fan District. But it's what the crooks "didn't" take that's even more surprising. The crooks left behind a 1.5 karat engagement ring that she had tucked away in the car. When she reported the incident to police she says they told her car break-ins in this area are on the rise. Locked doors or not, if your valuables are in plain sight you could be a crook's next target. Erin Brennan is one of the latest car break-in victims in Richmond's Fan District. Tuesday morning she opened her car door, sat inside and noticed her iPod and laptop had been stolen. But tonight she's thankful for what the crooks didn't steal.

"The next thing I did after that was open up my glove box because I had a very personal diamond ring in there that I was bringing home," said break-in victim, Erin Brennan. "It was still in there."

Her 1.5 karat diamond ring was left sitting inside her glove box. While she's relieved they didn't take her prized possession, the thought that someone had been inside her car was unsettling.

Erin left the window down on her car just under an inch. She believes the crooks used some sort of device to get in, pop the lock, open the door and get at the valuables she left inside.

"I was very upset and surprised but at the same time it was like go figure," she said. "They're obviously going to resell it for something else and it's a shame. I hope they learn from that and I hope they get put away for it."

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