Man shot during robbery at Chesterfield gas station

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Chesterfield police are investigating a robbery and shooting that happened outside a popular gas station. The crime happened just before midnight at the Wawa along Midlothian Turnpike, near The Boulders.

A man sitting in his car in a Wawa parking lot said he was approached by a man. Police say the man pulled out a gun and demanded the victim's belongings. The victim fought back and was shot in the hand and leg.

It's a bold move for a criminal. State police headquarters is just a few blocks from the Wawa located along Midlothian Turnpike. Just a little farther down is a Chesterfield police substation. Wawa customer Claressa Jackson doesn't believe the news.

"I wouldn't expect this at this [Wawa]," said Jackson.

Around midnight police and paramedics were on-scene. Video captures them looking over the victim- he's wearing the blue shirt. A bullet hit his hand and leg. Emergency crews wanted to make sure he wasn't shot anywhere else.

"It will probably make me think about coming here at night," said Jackson. "I would probably, more so try to come during the day, if I'm in the area just because of all the people that are in the area. Maybe they'll see something."

After hearing of the crime people at the store are now paying attention to their surroundings. You should also park in well-lit areas, and if there's a spot right in front of a business take it.

Lawrence Christian didn't get to park close.

"I feel safe," said Christian. "I'm going to go over there right now. I'm going to walk on over there too."

He's staying loyal despite Wednesday's crime.

"That's crazy," said Christian. "A lot of families live right around here. There's an apartment complex right behind here, and kids walk over all the time. So it's kind of shocking to see that would happen."

"It really does make you think. But as far as safety, you can never be too safe in any area that you're in," said Jackson.

The man is still on the loose. The Wawa has security cameras but Chesterfield police haven't released any information on a possible suspect.

Chesterfield Crime Solvers: 748-0660

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