Drunken intruder chooses wrong house

By Laura Geller - bio | email

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) – In an alleged drunken stupor, a teenager who broke into a Spotsylvania house was met by a shotgun wielding homeowner. The suspect, 19-year-old Kyle Ackley remained behind bars Tuesday night and reportedly told police he broke into the wrong house. This all went down on Lanes Corner Road in Spotsylvania County.

Kyle Ackley probably didn't expect a shotgun shoved in his face when he allegedly broke into the home. He also told the owner he thought he was kicking in his dad's door. It would seem to be a case of choosing the wrong house.

At 1:30 Tuesday morning, the screaming, cursing and banging of 19-year-old Kyle Ackley's alleged drunken rage shattered the quiet at Richard Bartley's rural Spotsylvania home.

"Waking up and realizing somebody is actually beating on your front door, it's an adrenaline rush," said Bartley. He went on to describe his mood as, "mad and freaked out all at the same time."

His wife and oldest daughter locked themselves in the bathroom as they call 911.

The evidence of the break-in is still on the house. You can see the footprints where Ackley allegedly tried to kick in the door. Police said he first tried the back entrance. He finally got in by kicking through the front door. Both the deadbolt and handle were secure. The door frame is now split.

Bartley said he came out of the bedroom with his shotgun raised. Just three inches separated him and an intruder.

"It's either him or me and my family and it wasn't going to be my family," he said. "You got what you got and you take care of what you got. Safety was off; finger on the trigger. Three rounds in the shot gun. I would have not hesitated whatsoever to pull the trigger."

Bartley ordered Ackley to the ground. He said he had a few choice words for the teen. Here's the clean version: "Get on the ground or this is the last breath you will ever take," he told Ackley.

Authorities arrested the 19-year-old. He told them he thought he was at his father's house, which we've learned is about 20 miles away.

"He's a young man," said Bartley. "He's made some bad mistakes, I'm sure and last night he about made the last one."

A judge ordered $2500 bond. As of Tuesday night, Ackley had not posted it. He's facing breaking and entering, vandalism and underage possession of alcohol charges.

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