Baseball bat, gun used in home break-in

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) –A Chesterfield man wakes up to a nightmare. Crooks, armed with a bat and a gun, break into his home. This happened in the dead of night, while the man slept in his home on the 6300 block of Brookshire Drive.

Crooks crashed through the front door, threatened to assault the man inside and then carved graffiti on his walls with a gun. Most people living in the quiet neighborhood had no idea what happened early Thursday morning but the noise was enough to wake at least one neighbor.

"It scares me and that's why I'm afraid to even talk about. I'm afraid they'll find out it was me," said the neighbor.

She asked us to hide her identity and immediately called police when she saw what was going on. She watched in horror and was almost too shaken up to describe to us what she witnessed.

"I heard this terrible banging and I got up and looked out all my windows and everything," she said. "I saw a car and I saw a light on over next door and people coming out, going to the car, and getting back in."

She was concerned and she thought maybe they was just...did something to the door," said neighbor, Oliver Young, who noticed the damage to the front door of the home the next morning.

Young and his wife slept through the entire thing. They live right next door to where our witness says the home invasion happened.

"I'm concerned for my wife and kids and actually we will be moving in a couple weeks," said Young. "Not because of this. We were moving anyway, but the neighborhood has changed."

When asked when she'll feel safe in her own home again out witness said, "Probably never."

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