People in Powhatan begin to clean up storm damage

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POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) – While many areas spent the day cleaning up from last night's storms, it was especially busy in Powhatan County. Now that the storm has passed, people are getting a good look at the damage.

Several trees along Batterson Road couldn't take the storm Thursday. They uprooted, causing a major traffic problem. Today those pieces are cut-up and now lie on either side of the road.

By mid-morning at least one chain saw is done. Chopping up the jumbo tree that keeled over was too much. Just down the road an impressive white oak isn't budging.

"If it had come farther this way it could have caught the house," said Harvey Reaems.

The tree that's as old as 88-year old Harvey Reaems spilled over the barbed wire fence. It now sits feet away from his garage. I'm about 5'4 but as you can see these roots stretch about three to four times my height. And despite its size, Harvey Reaems says he didn't hear this tree come crashing down.

Kristy Pierpont just lost two trees. From one angle, the towering tree looks like it hit her house. But a closer look proves otherwise.

"That was one of the biggest ones in the yard," said Pierpont.

Despite weather reports, she's adamant a tornado was here.

"My daughter works not too far down the road and she said you could actually see the water just swirling and debris," said Pierpont. "A lot of the trees that you see are just split, right in the middle." Did you sleep okay last night? "Well actually, I wanted to wake up and it would be gone- but that didn't happen."

We caught Lisa Pherson cruising the neighborhood for storm damage

"I just saw trees down everywhere. It reminded me of Isabel," said Pherson.

While some people clean-up Harvey is stuck waiting for an insurance adjuster. Gutting this goliath will cost a pretty penny.

So in most cases, the extent of the damage is deceiving- take this house, the roof looks pretty bad, but an insurance adjuster says the person living there can stay put.

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