Moped thefts on the rise in Richmond

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Scooter thefts are on the rise in Richmond and have been reported on Park, Belmont and Stuart Avenues in the Museum District. In tonight's Neighborhood Crime Watch, what you need to know to keep your ride safe.

"I ride this thing every day," said Ryan Cowan. "Every day I ride it. Weekends I ride it so I felt....I miss it."

Cowan is talking about his moped which recently was stolen from his Museum District neighborhood. These 2 wheeled scooters are being snatched up by thieves...and all it takes is you not paying attention.

"(I had it) right on the street," added Cowan.

Even though they require a key to operate, most people forget one important step when it comes to protecting your bikes from thieves: keeping them secure with a lock and chain.

When asked if he had it locked up anywhere Cowan replied, "No I didn't have it locked up. I didn't expect to be in that long. I came downstairs and went 'I can't believe it's gone! Maybe I did, I didn't think I did, but maybe I put it in my garage."

Cowan normally keeps his bike in his garage, just feet away from where his bike was stolen on Stuart Street.

When asked what made him want to keep it out there Cowan said, "It was just late and I was just...thought...well what's one time? What's one time?"

That one time was the last he would see his bike. The same night and right around the corner another moped was stolen on Park Avenue and then again on Belmont. Cowan had this to say to the person responsible for the recent thefts.

"The police came by, they just left a few minutes ago. They're looking for it and you guys are going to get caught! You're going to get caught."

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