Chester sisters talk in first on camera interview

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTER, VA (WWBT) - The Chester sisters who lost their mother to domestic violence are sharing their story in their first on camera interview.

Their family was torn apart when police say their father, Richard Parker, shot and killed their mother, his wife Cindy, at a pizza parlor in June. A Good Samaritan was wounded.

The Parker sisters basically lost both parents the night of the shooting at Pietro's Pizza. But the community has stepped up in a big way, offering both financial and emotional support.

Cherry, Vanessa, Hanna, and Molly are living a life they never thought was possible.

"I don't think we or anybody would ever know the reason why," said Cherry Parker.

Two months before the shooting, they surprised their mother Cindy with a trip to Hawaii for Mother's Day. Now their sifting through their parents belongings for a yard sale.

"A lot of pictures and just things my mom, my parents have collected over the years, but we are trying to keep as many things as we can that are sentimental to us," said Cherry Parker.

A daunting task as they struggle with the tragedy.

"They were good people and very good parents, and we had a good childhood, and we really love both of them," said Cherry Parker.

Their parents left no savings, retirement portfolio, or life insurance policy. But people in the community have helped the girls pay the mortgage, utility bills, even volunteered to get their house ready for the market. Last week, a donor matched the $52,000 in a memorial fund.

"I feel blessed to be in this community. I think it's unbelievable what everybody has done for us. We're just really thankful," said Cherry Parker.

Elizabeth Davis Middle School will be the site of the Parker sisters indoor yard sale on August 21. The hope is to put their house on the market the very next day. 

The girls do stay in touch with their father.

"I know it's hard for him and it's hard for us to see him the way he is behind glass," said Cherry Parker.

Last month, they celebrated what would have been their mother's 46th birthday.

"Just a really good mom. Yeah a really good mom," said Cherry and Vanessa Parker.

Cherry Parker was living in San Diego when the shooting happened, she's decided to stay in Chester for a while and adopt her 14-year-old sister. 

If you'd like more information about the Parker sisters yard sale including details about donating items and volunteering. Just go to

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