Two people posing as Chesterfield workers rob woman

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A crime alert in Chesterfield -- two imposters pretending to be Chesterfield County workers convinced a woman to let them in her house, where they stole jewelry and a safe.

With a knock on the door on Monday the crime began. A pair of thieves made their way inside a Chester home by claiming to be with the county.

A house along the busy West Hundred Road was the target.  A man and woman, claiming they were contracted by the county to collect water samples, talked their way in. Once inside one crook kept the victim busy while the other stole valuables, including a small safe.  The victim didn't realize she'd been robbed until much later.  From now on  the victim's neighbor, Alonzo Edwards, will be keeping an eye out.

"It's quite scary," said Edwards.  "It should heighten all of our neighbors around the area about the crime and that's that have been going on."

His 17-year-old daughter Jasmine is well aware of the potential dangers on her doorstep.

"I usually just peak out the window and see if I know them," Jasmine said.  "If they look familiar to me. And if not, then I will go back upstairs and tell mom or call mom."

Unless there's a water emergency, county employees will never show up unannounced, and all of their vehicles are clearly marked.  In addition to driving a marked vehicle all county utility employees have a specific uniform.  They wear shirts that have their name badge on it. There's also the utilities logo on the shirt and on the cap. And each employee has a badge.

Police are investigating, making sure no one else was hoodwinked.

"There could some that have not been reported or the victims don't even know yet, that it could have happened or they are missing items that they don't know about yet," said Corporal Scott Gordon with the Chesterfield Police Department.

Dad doesn't want to get duped. His family now knows what to look for before opening the door.

"I know the economy is really bad now. People do some crazy things. So I make sure I'm really safe," Jasmine said.

If anyone ever comes to your door uninvited or unannounced and looks suspicious, keep them outside while you call police or the county department they claim to be with.

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